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    Grasp time, control risks, and take the initiative in cyber security


    Grasp time, control risks, and take the initiative in cyber security

    ——Cisco was invited to attend the 2020 Beijing Cyber Security Conference and give a keynote speech

    Beijing, August 11, 2020-In a rapidly changing network environment, how to control network security risks, go ahead of time, and prevent problems before they occur? On August 11, 2020, Wendy Nather, head of Cisco's Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Advisory Team, attended the 2020 Beijing Cyber Security Conference Industry Summit and delivered a keynote speech on the relationship between time and risk in cyber security. In this conference, she shared her views on how the information security team can race against time to quickly respond to threats.

    First opportunity: leading threat intelligence analysis

    With the rapid expansion of the digital world, new types of cyber attacks emerge in endlessly. In network security protection, time is like life. Quickly discovering threats, responding and recovering have become common demands of information security teams. Wendy Nather said: "The timely discovery of threat intelligence is a vital part of information security. Compared with the previous Internet era, hackers usually have abundant funds and great patience. They are used to hiding in the dark, waiting for opportunities. Fortunately, with the help of the global threat intelligence sharing network, as long as a hacker is discovered once, we can quickly share and update threat intelligence information to achieve comprehensive security protection."

    In the face of ubiquitous threats, Cisco Security has built a world-leading security research team-"Cisco Talos". As the main discovery provider of Cisco security intelligence, Cisco Talos provides global threat intelligence big data support for Cisco security solutions, helping companies quickly detect, investigate and mitigate known and unknown threats, and accelerate threat incident response. The team has more than 250 security researchers and 600 software engineers. With the help of millions of telemetry data sources, 4 global data centers, more than 100 threat intelligence partners and 1,100 threat capture programs, it has grown into the world's largest The security research team and the organization that analyzes the largest amount of threat intelligence.

    During the epidemic, Cisco Talos was the first to discover a large number of phishing and malware attacks with the theme of the new crown virus. These attacks may cause serious troubles and economic losses to epidemic research organizations and ordinary users working at home. In response to such emergencies, Cisco Talos and global customers and partners continue to provide threat intelligence big data support, feed back the latest intelligence information to customers and the community, and help them fight against hackers to the greatest extent, and calmly respond to some New threats.

    When the Internet enters the era of the “new normal” of the epidemic, industries that embrace digital transformation such as e-commerce and online education have grown against the trend. With the popularization of online trading platforms and office systems, companies will face increasingly complex security risks, such as ransomware, fraud and false information that follow, and some collaborative software will also have security risks. In response to the post-epidemic era of cyber security, Cisco Security has invested a lot of resources in the discovery of threat intelligence. The cutting-edge security and threat intelligence information provided by the "Cisco Cyber Security Series Report" has also become a powerful tool for customers, partners, and public network security. stand by.

    Cornerstone: Comprehensive "Zero Trust" Security Architecture

    In the era of the Internet of Everything, information technologies such as big data, 5G, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things are developing vigorously. While embracing new opportunities in digital transformation, enterprises are facing challenges from information security. In the unpredictable network environment, some companies have weak awareness of network security, feel fatigued by the increasing number of alerts, and even give up actively resisting malicious behavior. The "Chief Information Security Officer Benchmark Research Report" in the 2020 Cisco Cyber Security Report series shows that the number of companies receiving more than 100,000 alerts per day has risen from 11% in 2017 to 17% in 2020. The report also pointed out that 86% of companies are using 1-20 security vendors, and most of them say that managing multiple vendors’ operating environments is challenging. It can be seen that there are many incompatible solutions in the security industry, forcing the security and operation and maintenance teams of enterprises into endless coordination and integration work.

    After the new crown epidemic, companies have accelerated their digitalization process. However, technology is the means, and trust is the foundation. Enterprises need to ensure that every part of the infrastructure, network, and cloud is secure in order to effectively guarantee business continuity. Wendy Nather pointed out: "Today, most of the threats handled by information security teams come from fragmented solutions in the past. Therefore, we need to adopt a globally scalable and collaborative security solution to quickly respond to current threats and reduce future potential. Threatened."

    As the world's largest network security company, Cisco has established a brand new "Cisco Secure" brand with its unique advantages and resources. Cisco Security is committed to building integrated and open platform solutions that simply and flexibly help companies achieve security and compliance, and guard the current and future of the company. In terms of achieving business continuity, Cisco Security proposes a "zero-trust security solution", which first minimizes the authority of each user in the network, and then establishes a degree of trust based on user roles and combined status. When users access different applications, the authentication, authorization, and audit processes given by the system are uninterrupted and run continuously to ensure that the rights of each user are minimal, and the risks to the system are also minimal, controllable and visible. The program revolves around the three-step cycle of "building trust, implementing trust-based access, and continuous trust verification" to protect the access security of employees, workplaces, and workloads in an all-round way.

    Zero-trust security solutions can bring three major advantages to enterprises, namely, improving work efficiency, improving user visibility to the overall network, and reducing the possibility of being attacked. With a complete solution, simple deployment method, powerful security technology, and the world's largest security threat research team, the Cisco Zero Trust Security Solution has won wide acclaim in the industry and was rated as the latest Forrester Zero Trust Security Report The market leader.

    As a network security leader, Cisco Security adheres to the mission of "providing efficient security solutions and being the most trustworthy partner for customers" and fulfilling the vision of "let our world burst into full potential and be safe". Relying on world-class technology, Cisco Security can protect all customers from current and future threats, helping companies focus on their core business without worrying about any security concerns. With the help of an integrated product portfolio and industry-leading threat intelligence, Cisco Security will continue to promote the realization of industry standards and integration to help enterprises achieve business continuity and accelerate business success.