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    Network Health Check's modular approach to Network Health Check allows you to tailor the offering to address your immediate and future concerns; answering every-day questions such as:

    • Why is my network slow and what caused it?

    • What or whom is consuming my bandwidth?

    • Does my network design meet my corporate-continuity objectives?

    • Am I one slowdown away from updating my resume?

    • Is my network documentation up to date?

    • Is my network optimized to meet today's application requirements and future technology rollouts?

    • Is my network secure from internal and external threats?

    • Is my network healthy or is there cause for concern? 

    The Network Health Check may include the following, but is not limited to these. Check it out:

    • A baseline snapshot for future comparison

    • The documentation and audit of existing logical/physical topology

    • The uncovering of anomalies and emerging issues

    • The analysis and review of the current network design and architecture

    • The documentation of areas where additional resources are required

    The results of the network Health Check will be presented to you in the form of reports and recommendations on network changes, upgrades, improvements, etc.

    What Benefits you can get from a network health check?

    • Visibility of network performance, design and utilization

    • Stability, efficiency and improvement in current network performance

    • Highlighting any issues with the current network architecture and identifying areas for improvement

    • Implementing the right steps in making changes to your network infrastructure

    • Getting an unbiased view and analysis of your network

    • Optimizing your security compliance

    • Reviewing future plans and how they may impact your network

    • Documenting the network architecture for future use

    Now that you've seen what a Network Health Check can do for you.

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