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    Configuration Services

    At, our Certified Engineers can integrate and configure your equipment, prior to ship.

    Our quality control processes will ensure that your equipment is up, running and ready when it arrives at your facility.

    We will save your staff valuable time, money and allow them to deal with your daily adds, moves and changes.

    Our purpose built Configuration Center has been designed to offer a range of customized services from server roll-outs to complex infrastructure projects involving datacenter clusters and storage networks.

    Why Pre-configure Your Equipment?

    Minimize DOA issues, ensuring your resources are not tied-up waiting for system issues to be fixed before solution implementation.

    Focus on implementation of the overall solution rather than integration and testing of systems.

    Add extra capacity at times when resources are stretched or unavailable and extra skills where there is a gap.

    The Configuration Center builds your solution in our state-of-the-art, ISO 9001:2000 certified; electrostatic discharge (ESD) controlled department.

    Example of a Typical Cisco Configuration

    Cisco 6500 chassis-based switch configuration

    • Load customer-preferred IOS

    • Pre-install all line cards, power on and test

    • Install memory upgrades

    • Verify supervisor

    • If required pre-load customer configuration.module

    • Final check, inventory and test log

    Hardware Configuration, Software Upgrades and Installation

    Including desktops, servers, Cisco routers, Cisco switches, Cisco memory, hard drives, Cisco network cards, Cisco wireless cards, video cards and other peripherals

    • Server hardware build

    • Standard O/S and business software load

    • Bespoke software setup or image deployment

    • Firmware installation

    • Blade hardware build and enclosure integration

    • Rack integration (i.e. PSUs, server install, KVMs, etc)

    • HP EVA integration

    • Project staging and rollout

    • Asset tagging

    Case Study
    Order for over 500 CISCO877-K9 all needing DRAM, FLASH and IOS upgrades

    • Agreed on configuration requirements

    • Configured, tested and made ready for deployment, 50 routers per day, with all test logs recorded and verified

    • Upon the completion of stage and test, these were securely stored in the warehouse allocated to the sales order, ready for deployment

    • Customer also ordered a couple of extra cables, which we put inside each of the boxes for them

    • Customer was very satisfied.

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