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    H3C CF22000 NVMe Flash Memory


    H3C CF22000 NVMe Family -- Born for the Cloud, intelligently driven, a new generation of end-to-end NVMe high-end flash storage with consistent and predictable ultra-high performance, ultra-low latency, and 100% availability capabilities for core mission-critical workloads that are extremely latency and availability sensitive.

    Intelligent Engine - End-to-end intelligent full coverage

    • Integrate InfoSight, the industry's most advanced intelligent management operation and maintenance platform, and realize end-to-end intelligent coverage with the edge - local data center - cloud intelligence engine

    • Supports the application attributes of luns, assigning different application types to luns, marking corresponding service applications for luns on storage devices, collecting and monitoring performance statistics for application LUN sets, and displaying performance analysis views by application dimension. The supported applications include Oracle, SQL, VMWare ESXi, Exchange, Hyper-V, DB2, Sharepoint, and SAP HANA

    • Easily identify problems related to storage, virtual machines, and underutilized virtual resources, anticipate and prevent outages of storage, services, and virtual machines, thereby avoiding potential production losses from outages, and achieve 100% system availability

    • Provide automated predictive services that allow users to connect directly with original specialists for quality service and direct access to the resources they need to redefine the service experience for users

    • AI-driven recommendations help to improve performance, achieve higher availability, and optimize resource utilization and planning to eliminate uncertainties in data infrastructure management

    Excellent performance - Intelligent drive, providing predictable and continuous ultra-high concurrency and extremely low latency

    • Multi-controller fully live interconnection architecture, direct interconnection between controllers through PCI-E high-speed bus, flash optimized horizontal expansion architecture, eliminate performance bottlenecks, and focus on business integration

    • Using the latest Intel Cascade Lake multi-core high-performance processors and the unique Gen6 ASIC processor parallel processing architecture, each controller has six storage processors, easily coping with large-scale concurrency

    • End-to-end NVMe architecture: Supports front-end and back-end NVMeoF interconnection, NVMe SSD, and NVMe SCM, has low I/O latency, and supports diverse NVMeoF architectures, such as NVMe over FC/NVMe over RoCEv2/NVMe over TCP

    • Built-in intelligent engine for automated QoS, automatic storage optimization and stable sub-millisecond latency to ensure service levels.

    Stable and reliable - Intelligent drive, 100% availability capability, to ensure business continuity

    • Supports persistent ports. When a port or link fails, the storage device can switch ports intelligently. This port does not depend on the multipathing software.

    • Unique Peer Persistence symmetric active-active, asymmetric active-active, and 3DC functions. H3C CF22000 NVMe series storage provides storage tier based active-active functions, and can be composed of active-active arrays without additional gateways. In hypermetro mode, read and write operations can be performed on the same LUN on both ends of the storage device. If one disk array fails, host I/O access can be seamlessly switched to the other disk array without service interruption

    • Provides redundancy protection for disk enclosures. When multiple disk expansion cabinets are configured, the HA Cage function unique to the H3C CF22000 can be used to prevent data loss and application interruption when at least one disk expansion cabinet is powered off or faulty, maximizing storage and service availability.

    • 100% reliable deduplication and compression. H3C CF22000 provides online deduplication and compression functions. The deduplication function not only compares hash values, but also compares actual data byte by byte, achieving 100% data reliability

    Agile Simple - Intelligent driven, agile delivery, supply on demand

    • Disruptive cloud-like experience. Storage registration and resource subscription can be realized through the Data Service Control Platform (DSCC). Users can simultaneously manage multiple storage resources with different architectures and positioning on any device at any time and place, and enjoy the cloud mode control experience

    • Highly integrated automated workflow management. From device power-on to application delivery in less than 20 minutes, you only need to configure the storage network to complete storage initialization

    • Create storage resource pools intelligently and automatically based on the current configuration (controller, hard disk, expansion cabinet, etc.) and best practices, ensuring best practices and reducing the risk of non-best practices or operation errors without any human intervention

    • Provide an on-demand supply mode. The data service control platform can automatically allocate appropriate storage resources according to the capacity/performance/application scenario information input by users, eliminating guesswork decisions and enabling each business application to use the best and most reasonable resources

    • Built-in Chinese graphical management software to configure, manage, and monitor storage devices on a unified interface. Forecast storage performance and collect indicators such as device throughput, capacity, CPU and memory usage, latency, read/write ratio, and disk status. You can view storage device indicators, such as CPU usage, storage pool space, file system, LUN, and advanced data protection features