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    Cisco Network 500 Series Routers


    The NCS500 Series provides a secure and highly available access routing platform for service providers. Both fixed and modular form factors support advanced automation and programmability to deliver 5G, remote PHY, carrier Ethernet and FTTX.

    Features and Benefits

    • 5G  Be ready

    The NCS540 and NCS560 are designed for 5G with advanced timing, ultra-low latency and ultra-high capacity. They set the stage for ubiquitous mobile broadband (MBB), massive IoT, tactile internet, smart cities and AR / VR.

    • Architectural flexibility

    Intelligently converge network services on a single platform with the highly scalable and energy-efficient NCS 500 Series. Flexible capacity expansion with 1 / 10 / 25 / 40 / 100GbE port support

    • Programmability, Automation and Visibility

    Build application-aware networks through segmented routing, open and programmable interfaces using the NETCONF and YANG data model and API, and real-time visibility of streaming telemetry

    • sustainability

    Energy efficiency and scalability through carrier-grade network operating systems to rationalize access network footprint and reduce low carbon impact.

    NCS500 Series Models

    Redefine your access network. Integrate Your Web Services

    NCS 520

    Secure Layer 2 / Layer 3 DMARC devices to support ELINE and ELAN deployments.

    • Features zero contact configuration and open programmable interface with NETCONF / YANG and stream telemetry.

    • Provide the best experience and optimize network resources.

    • With conformal coating to withstand harsher environments.


    NCS 540

    Advanced timing and ultra-low latency for 5G, carrier Ethernet and wide area network MPLS.

    • Robust portfolio, offering densities from 64Gbps to 300Gbps. read more

    • Flexible port options available with 1 / 10 / 25 / 40 / 100G.

    • Lateral or front to back airflow design.


    NCS 560

    Full-featured, modular and programmable aggregation platform for cost-effective access to the network.

    • Fully redundant platform with 50 ms ISSU support.

    • Flexible port configurations 1G / 10G / 40G / 100G, with 25G and 50G on the roadmap.

    • 100G QSFP-DDZR optics support on the roadmap.