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    H3C UniStor CF2000 G2 series


    Are you looking for smart shared storage that is easy to use, affordable and outstanding in performance? The new CF2000 G2 storage is a hybrid storage system that supports flash memory. With intelligent and simple management, it can truly release both hands and provide cost-effective application acceleration for small and medium-sized and remote office deployment. There are powerful functions behind the low price, giving you unexpected performance experience. The second generation CF2000 storage system has both simplicity and flexibility, and is supplemented by higher-order functions that ordinary entry-level price arrays do not have. Through intelligent write-aware, real-time tiering and underlying virtualization technology, use any combination of solid-state hard disk (SSD), high-performance enterprise-class SAS hard disk or low-cost mid-tier SAS hard disk to start from a small scale and help you achieve cost-effective on-demand expansion. The performance of the new CF2000 G2 is up to 396000 IOPS, and its speed is up to 100% higher than that of the previous generation. At the same time, it has a bandwidth of 13.1GB/s, which can meet the mixed IT requirements of severe workload.

    Accelerate the application speed at an affordable price. The H3C CF2000 G2 performance is up to 396000 IOPS, which can provide affordable application acceleration functions for small and medium-sized enterprises.

    The H3C CF2000 G2 allows users to define and deploy hybrid or flash storage configurations from scratch, and then expand them according to changes in requirements.

    CF2000 G2's "set and forget" data service does not require storage administrators to manage it

    H3C CF2000 G2 storage is easy to install, use and maintain, and can be easily completed without IT specialists. The new storage management utility of CF2000 G2 has an intuitive interface and is easy to navigate, which is favored by administrators.

    The intelligent tiering engine of CF2000 G2 can efficiently and accurately respond to changes in workload, and ensure that cold or hot data can be moved to better media intelligently and in real time through real-time data writing resolution, so as to avoid worries.

    Use data protection functions to ensure uninterrupted business operation during disasters

    H3C CF2000 G2 storage adopts virtualization snapshot technology, making data protection and instant recovery easy. Remote replication using Fibre Channel (FC) and iSCSI enables cost-effective disaster recovery solutions.

    Flexible modular architecture for future development

    The H3C CF2000 G2 storage system supports a mix of 3.5-inch LFF and 2.5-inch SFF expansion enclosures.

    Take advantage of any combination of solid-state drives, enterprise-class SAS or mid-tier SAS hard drives to start small and scale as needed.

    Free offline operation and maintenance tools, intelligent device management

    Configure the health status detection function, analyze the massive operation data stored in CF2000G2, collect common fault features through the analysis engine, check against the recommended practices, and give the stored operation status and repair and adjustment suggestions, so as to realize the prediction and prevention of potential faults.

    H3C enterprise-level operation and maintenance service

    It is easy to obtain professional knowledge at every step of the IT journey through H3C operation and maintenance services. Focus on business results and objectives, design transformation plans and develop a roadmap according to the specific challenges you face. Our professional operation and maintenance services can speed up production and ensure the stability and reliability of IT.

    H3C data center operation and maintenance support services can help you realize the modernization and simplification of IT operation and maintenance. In addition, it also allows you to work with designated customer teams, gain technical expertise, provide you with priority access through enhanced call experience, select hardware and software support, implement proactive monitoring to identify problems in advance and access H3C IT recommended practices and IP.

    The H3C proactive system support service provides enhanced call experience and reduces problems by providing personalized proactive reports and suggestions. The service also includes collaborative software support for independent software providers (ISVs) (Red Hat, VMware, Microsoft, etc.).

    The H3C basic system support service can provide assistance and options of different response levels when problems occur. This service includes collaborative software support and provides troubleshooting assistance to independent software providers running on your server.

    Other related service defect media retention is an optional service, which is only applicable to disks or qualified SSD flash drives that have been replaced due to failure. H3C service points provide a series of technical services, access to other resources and professional skills. Huihe Training Service provides comprehensive services that can support employees to develop the skills they need in the process of digital transformation. For any other questions and support options, please contact the H3C sales representative or H3C authorized channel partner.