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    Network Deployment Services

    provide dedicated technical support to supplement your engineers or to help you build your configurations.

    Our skilled technicians can help you configure and install your new equipment and ensure all work is fully documented to aid your team in the future.

     Installation, Setup and Migration

    • Let our professionals install and set up networks for you

    • Our deployment services ensure your exact configuration requirements are met prior to equipment dispatch. From routing, switching to upgrading, our team can ensure that all your devices arrive at the correct locations ready to be installed

    • Choose from a broad menu of services from basic installation to advanced packages


    Deployment Services We Offer

    • We can test the maximum capacity of your network system to enable you to plan for the changing demands of your organization

    • We can provide access to additional network hardware so you can see how your new infrastructure operates alongside more legacy equipment

    • We can introduce faults and failures into the system. Whilst these would hopefully never be seen in the live environment, testing them in the pre-staging environment means contingency plans can be put in place