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    IT equipment rental service

    We have been focusing on Cisco, HUAWEI, H3C and other branded network equipment leasing services for many years, providing 10 Gigabit switch lease, router leasing, firewall leasing, wireless ap venue wireless network equipment leasing, network module and other network equipment leasing services. The engineer is on site and there are sufficient spare parts. To meet the different challenges faced by customers in their daily work, we can customize the most suitable and resource-saving solutions for our data center equipment by simple network equipment rental, so that customers can face every problem with ease.

    Rental service procedures and benefits:

    1. Evaluation - Renting equipment before purchase has the risk of reducing purchases

    2. apportioning costs – for different budget constraints and postponing purchases

    3. the peak workload - renting equipment for the seasonal needs of the industry or temporary work

    4. activities and exhibitions - rent equipment according to the needs of each event and exhibition.

    5. training courses - according to different courses on the switch, router, firewall, etc. at any time to rent equipment, set up at any time.

    6. server migration, virtualization or relocation - provide swing kits to replicate existing environments and avoid downtime for mission critical systems

    7. Software Testing and Development - Hiring servers to avoid harming existing systems