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    The rapid development of the communication industry, the rapid development of communication technologies, and the rapid integration of multiple technologies and products have led to an increasingly large and complex communication network, which brings great challenges and risks to the stable operation of the network. URITMALL Network Solutions offers a wide range of service options to meet the diverse needs of customized services. URITMALL has a dedicated 24-hour spare parts response library with 4 spare parts distribution centers throughout the country. It provides 4-hour response support services in Beijing,Shanghai, Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Zhengzhou to meet your stable operation of business networks and core equipment. To ensure the demand, users can purchase different levels of spare parts support according to their actual needs.

    Maintenance service content

    First, the service overview

    1, hardware warranty service

    2. Remote technical service

    3. On-site technical support service

    4. Telephone return service

    5, on-site inspection service

    Second, equipment maintenance services

    1. Service design principles: Focus on business, focus on measures, and pursue the best price/performance ratio

    2. Warranty service content and standards: troubleshooting, regular inspection, training, value-added services (consulting services - system upgrade, expansion and coordination)

    3. Service standards:

    3.1. Service working hours: spare parts service 12/7, software technology upgrade service 8/7

    3.2, response time: respond within 4 hours of receiving feedback

    Third, the service implementation rules

    1. Previous work

    2, failure prevention advice

    3, troubleshooting

    4, inspection

    5, backup and recovery

    6. Project implementation

    7. Work results and work report